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Do You Have Mould in Your Home?

Mould is a type of fungus that thrives in moist environments. It is a common issue in homes, and can grow on various surfaces such as walls, ceilings, and windows. Mould reproduces by releasing tiny spores into the air, which can settle and grow in areas with suitable conditions.

To identify mould, you can look for the following signs:

Visible growth - Mould often appears as discoloured patches on surfaces. It can be black, green, brown, or even white in colour. It may have a fuzzy or slimy texture, depending on the type of mould.

Musty odour - Mould releases volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that create a characteristic musty smell. If you notice a persistent musty odour, especially in specific areas like basements or bathrooms, it could indicate the presence of mould or moisture.

Water damage or moisture issues - Mould thrives in damp environments. If you have experienced water leaks, flooding, or excessive humidity in your home, there is a higher chance of mould growth. This is very common in the colder months, especially in NZ.

Allergic reactions or health symptoms - Mould can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems. If you or your family experience unexplained allergic symptoms or respiratory issues that seem to worsen when indoors, mould could be a potential cause.

If you suspect mould in your home, it's essential to address the issue promptly. It's important to remember that some types of mould can be harmful to your health, so proper precautions should be taken when dealing with mould growth.

A simple cleaning hack of vinegar mixed with water in a spray bottle with a couple drops each of tea tree, clove and lemon essential oils which have antimicrobial and anti fungal properties will help to clean the mould, but not eradicate it entirely. Plus staying on top of the dreaded cleaning tasks makes it easy to keep under control.

As a practitioner, I can help to alleviate the symptoms of mould mycotoxins within the body utilising specific herbs, binders and immune support supplementation to ensure safe removal of the toxins from your body. Please get in touch if you need some support.

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