The Health Case offers a Naturopathic service specialising in supporting all types of health conditions to address the root cause and not just the symptoms of pain and ailments. 

Naturopathy is about treating the whole person including the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental factors that make up an individual.

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All consultations can be completed in person at one of our clinics in Stanmore Bay or Glenfield as well as online.

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Herbal Medicine


This 30 minute consultation is for sudden acute conditions like colds/flu, poor sleep or stress. This consultation includes:

  • A brief health history of the client and the acute condition(s)

  • Practitioner-only supplements and herbal medicines, as required

Note - A longer consultation may be required after further investigation of the condition.


This consultation is 30-45 minutes long and is a review of your health concern since the initial comprehensive consultation. The review will include:

  • Any adjustments to the initial Wellness Plan

  • Further recommendations to support your health concerns

  • Repeat or additional supplementation, herbal medicine or complementary therapies to support your health

  • Further functional testing, if required


This consultation is 90 minutes long and will include the following:

  • Comprehensive health history

  • Establish the root cause of your health concerns

  • A Wellness Focus which provides the scope of how your health will be supported

  • Recommendations within a Wellness Plan which will cover nutrition, lifestyle, stress, relationship and sleep support

  • Recommended support with supplementation, herbal medicine and complementary therapies

  • Functional testing, if required