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Do You Have Brain Fog?

There are so many things to consider when you’re having a baby, but reality is, majority of them are about the baby and not the mama. It’s so easy for us to put others first, and ourselves last, and usually when we start to feel burnt out and run down.

Brain Fog has been a constant reality for me and only up until discovering through blood work that I had an under functioning thyroid, I was scraping at reasons why I felt, for lack of a better word ‘dumb’ all the time.

Here are some very common reasons for brain fog in that post baby phase, and I say ‘post-baby’ quite freely here. So if you’ve had a baby at anytime in your life, then this could be quite relatable to you.

  • Hormonal changes - us women such complex beings and hormones, especially reproductive hormones in those years post-baby can fluctuate a lot. It’s best to get hormones tested around the 6 month post baby mark to see where they’re at, and again when you stop breastfeeding, as they’re more than just ’baby-making’ health markers.

  • Thyroid dysfunction - a super common symptom of poor thyroid function is the brain fog. Along with other symptoms, you just won’t feel like yourself, the inability to retain information that you know, wonder why you started a sentence or entered a room will be a telltale sign.

  • Nutrient deficiencies - another confirmation of mothers always looking out for others and themselves last. I recommend continuing your prenatal vitamin 12 months post baby and also assessing via blood work where your nutrient markers are to ensure post natal depletion doesn’t impact your life.

  • Poor sleep - you may be thinking that this is a given when in the trenches of motherhood, especially those early days, but good quality sleep is SO essential for our wellbeing.

  • Stress - so many stressors impact us when caring for others, but there are so many things that can help your body adapt to the stress response that will impact the way you handle it (practitioner grade supps - reach out if you want access to these)

  • Mental wellbeing - postpartum depression and anxiety can last for years after having a baby, please reach out or if you know someone who just isn’t themselves, reach out to them.

My job is to make us women thrive so that we can continue to take care of those around us. Please get in touch if you’d like the tools and resources to know how to do this effectively.

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