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Tips to Help Make Your Habits Stick

It can be challenging to set new habits and practices, but even more challenging to make them stick. Evidence has found that it actually takes 66 days for a habit to be formed, but the hardest part is breaking the old habit first.

Coming up with new habits is fun when in the concept stage of figuring out which habits would be cool to add to your daily routine. You might have some inspired action take place after seeing a motivating video, speaking with a colleague or even watching someone doing a skill you think would be pretty cool to try out. Making habits stick however, is where the challenge can lie, so here I share some tips on how to help build some resilient and strong practices.

Does it align?

Making new habits can be easy to do at first. You may see the benefits of what a specific habit might offer, you start the new habit on Monday, and it's a distant memory on Friday. This may be because it doesn't align with your values. What do you hold as non-negotiable acts throughout your day? Do you have high regard for sleep and are willing to get up at 5am to start your day, or is your sleep currently disturbed meaning you need to be more rested instead?

Jumping on a trend

There are health trends everywhere these days, and sometimes the thought behind these trends lacks the evidence of effectiveness. Just because the latest influencer is consuming 1200 calories per day, doesn't mean this is suitable for you. Getting tailored and specific advice from health professionals who typically keep up to date with the latest evidence around health habits are the first person you should call.

Your surroundings

It's been proven that who your surround yourself with has a big impact on your decisions. If you are wanting to switch up your goals and habits, yet you find yourself surrounded by those who a) don't support you or b) are constantly trying to steer you off the rails, then c) these aren't your people right now. Sure you can hang with your mates, but just know that the 5 people you surround yourself with the most, the most influential impact they'll have on you.

Plan ahead

Making change can often be uncomfortable. But planning ahead can make the transition easier and therefore more comfortable. Planning ahead helps you to stay on track with your changes, be prepared when cravings or limiting beliefs set in and help in times when convenience and quicker options look so much better. It doesn't have to take long, 5 mins here and there can add up and make it easier for your future self.

Sometimes having someone who can hold you accountable may be the best way to get moving forward. Tell your kids that you can't use your phone in front of them, I guarantee they'll hold you to it. A common one is posting about it on social media, which can instigate conversation with friends and acquaintances who may bring it up the next time you see them. Lastly, investing in a coach who will tell you how they see it and pull you up if you need it. Reach out if you would like some help making some new habits stick that will serve the future you.

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