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Fundamentals of Creating a Quick & Healthy Meal

I work from home, so I have the privilege of being able to quickly whip up a lunch time meal in a matter of minutes. As I've been sharing snippets of my meals on Instagram, I've had feedback asking what makes a healthy meal and how can I do the same at home? Well I'm glad you asked, as I'll now share this with you below...


I typically base my meals around my protein sources. Protein is essential for life. Protein is broken down into amino acids which are the building blocks of all of our cells. They assist with building and repair muscles and tissues, act as enzymes and hormones, maintain fluid balance and transport nutrients. As a general rule I aim for at least 30g of protein so depending on what my source of protein is, I'll use enough to provide me with this base.


This is my way of getting my carbohydrates in. I like to go for a nice big salad, but with it being so cold at the moment, I've been opting for cooked instead of raw vegetables. So on the plate has been some grilled broccoli, silverbeet, garlic and onion which are all good sources of fibre, but also packed with nutrients too (eat your greens they say).

Healthy Fats

I'm always very heavy handed with the olive oil, so I do a lot of my cooking with healthy fats. But with that aside, I like to choose proteins that have a good serving of fat too, like eggs, or steak with the fat etc. If those aren't available to me, then I'll add some seeds, some avocado or some mayo to be meal.

Starchy Carbs

And if I'm feeling extra hangry then I may add in some starchy carbs that are leftover from dinner the night before. I don't often add in carbs or go out of my way to make them for these meals as I like to get my carb sources from my vegetables majority of the time. But if its there then I'm not gonna say no. I love me some reheated rice, potatoes or kumara which also have resistant starch when cooked and cooled, and this feeds our gut bacteria allowing them to flourish.

After Lunch Dessert

No lunch is complete without a little sweet treat, and so I use this short window of opportunity to get in a little treat to ensure that I don't spike my blood sugar levels. Eating sweet things on their own will stimulate a blood sugar spike (hello 3pm crash), so it's always wise to eat them after a big meal that will slow down the release of sugar into your blood and keep it stabilised. I've been going for a hot chocolate protein drink or cacao bevvy, and if there's some chocolate in the pantry, then maybe a square or 4 too.

Majority of the time it takes me 5 minutes to make lunch at home, and it's so easy for you to do the same. My tips for making this happen are to always have some easy protein sources on hand such as a bag of frozen prawns, eggs, ham or leftover meat from dinner. Always ensure you have some fresh or frozen veggies to cook up and always ALWAYS have chocolate on hand.

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